SMI 2020, SPM 2020 and FASE will be organised as a teleconference due to the coronavirus outbreak. The conference program will be exactly the same as previously years; it will include paper presentations, keynote talks and several workshops but everything will be done using webinars. Each webinar will be managed by a session chair. All attendees will participate to the conference remotely with video/audio and slide sharing; they will be able to interact with the presenters.

The registration is common for SMI 2020, FASE and SPM 2020. Someone who has registered will be able to attend the three conferences and the workshops.


Registration for authors of accepted papers and non-students

Paid registration is mandatory for authors of papers accepted to SMI 2020 and SPM 2020. Its price is 130 €. Registration should be done by selecting the option "Regular Registration" using the link. The registration deadline for authors of papers accepted to SPM is the 5th of May.

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